The final orchestral work by RJG from the 2010 album by The Enid, "Journey's End".


For those with an interest in orchestration, this is one of two major works created by RJG for the 2010 album, "Journey's End" by The Enid. Malacandra - a fictional destination from the C.S. Lewis novel "Out Of The Silent Planet" - forms part of the journey.

The Biscuit Game

Originally a sketch for a Symphony by Godfrey, The Biscuit Game is a cryptic reference to Issac Newton's personal life and is from Tripping The Light Fantastic by The Enid.

The Art of Melody

"It seems that all three of these pieces start on the same note - how curious", says Godfrey. In fact it is no accident but rather a musical metaphor. The three compositions are all adagios, all final tracks, "last movements", on the last three studio albums from The Enid spanning some 18 years. Three ways of saying the same Goodbye.

The Art Of Melody is the most recent and appears on the Journey's End.


Nocturne from 1997 Album White Goddess by The Enid.